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Broadband Resources - UAEX

Internet is a vital resource to education, businesses, and even family in these times of isolation, but so many families find themselves without. Some scrape by with internet that only only works when it is sunny and clear, internet so slow the date changes before the page loads, or perhaps the saddest - internet on their phone (so many sites are not designed for mobile and some just refuse to work).

UAEX once again has information to help:

Many rural Arkansas residents and businesses have relatively low limited or no access to broadband. Rural counties are also disproportionately impacted by substandard internet. But broadband is more important than ever during the pandemic: Remote work, online education, video conferencing, and telehealth are only possible with internet access. The good news if you're one of the many Arkansans struggling with poor internet?  Multiple national groups can help. Check out our website to find out more:


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