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Vilonia Street Department

Located at 47 N Mt Olive Road, the Street Department is headed by Matt Rust and staffed by Glen Berry. They not only maintain city vehicles and equipment, but also the city's ditches, culverts, bridges, and streets. They work to keep public accessways safe by filling potholes, trimming trees, and performing minor repairs to traffic lights; prevent flooding by clearing and repairing the city's ditches, culverts, and drainage channels; and help the community evolve through major projects. While most of the daily work is done by the Street Department, some tasks, such as major electrical repairs or large-scale construction, are contracted out using funds allocated to the Street Department.


Recent major Street Department projects include:

2022 - South Church Street / Main Street Sidewalk & Lighting Project

2022 - Street Overlay Project for Wells Road, South Marshall Road, North Marshall Road, and Janski Lane

2022 - South Mt. Olive Bridge

2022 - South Church Street Bridge #2

2021 - South Church Street Bridge #1

2021 - South Marshall Bridge

2020 - Barnard Bridge

2020 - Simpson Bridge

2020 - Lloyd Drive

2019 - North Marshall Bridge

2019 - Elizabeth Street Bridge

Have a concern? Visit the Report a Concern page or call 501-796-2534.

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