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Preston Scroggin, Mayor

The mission of the Mayor's office is the wellbeing of the city and its residents. The mayor presides over city council meetings, oversees the city's fiscal health, and collaborates with the city council on issues affecting the city. 


Mayor Scroggin is devoted to promoting growth in Vilonia, both business and residential, while focusing on the expansion and maintenance of the city's infrastructure. He is especially interested in improving the sidewalks, developing city parks, and ensuring all city services are prepared for the future.


The mayor's office welcomes suggestions for city enhancements, as well as calls regarding city concerns, and invites residents to attend the city council meetings held each month.


Preston Scroggin has served as the Vilonia Mayor since January of 2019.

Kelly Lawrence, City Clerk

The mission of the City Clerk’s office is to offer progressive and cooperative services to the citizens and employees of the City of Vilonia by applying sound financial practices and directing the city's financial resources toward meeting its long-term goals.


The City Clerk position is appointed by the Mayor. The clerk’s responsibilities include payroll, accounts payable and receivable, financial reporting, annual financial statements, and maintaining the official records and public documents of the City of Vilonia. Public documents include resolutions, minutes, ordinances, and city-owned property deeds. The clerk’s office provides staff support for the city council agenda process, records the proceedings of city council meetings, publishes city ordinances, files financial interest disclosures, and maintains inventory lists for the city of all capital equipment, land, and buildings. The clerk’s office also provides administrative leadership, direction, and support to the Mayor, City Council, city departments, and general public. 

Mrs. Kelly Lawrence has served as the Vilonia City Clerk since March of 1999. 

Continuing Education:
UCA Faulkner County Economic Boot Camp
UCA Community and Economic Development Training Series Module A & B

Arkansas District Court Clerks Association - Certified 2010

Certified ADEM Public Information Officer - 2015

UCA Community Development Institute Graduate 3-year program – 2017

Conway Area Leadership Institute Graduate – 2017
UCA Community Development Institute Advanced Year – 2018
ARML Certified Municipal Personnel - 2021

Ongoing training with the following -

Arkansas Dept. of Emergency Management

Federal Emergency Management Association

Arkansas Municipal League

Arkansas Court Clerks Association/Administrative Office of the Courts

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