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Vilonia Police Department

The Vilonia Police Department was established around 1985. Today, the Vilonia Police Department watches over a community of more than 3,900 residents and provides services that include School Resource Officers and traffic officers.


The Police Department has 9 sworn officers and 4 reserves who are dedicated men working together on a daily basis to provide quality services to each of our residents and visitors making the City of Vilonia a safer place to live, work and visit.



911 (Emergencies Only)

501-796-8170 (Non-Emergency Line)


Mission Statement:

The Vilonia Police Department’s mission is to protect and serve; to protect the vigilance and the safety, rights, property, and peace of all; to serve with compassion and excellence, striving to provide aid and support to any and all in need.


To provide exemplary community-oriented policing services; creating partnerships and problem solving strategies that promote safety and security which will encourage a brighter future for all.


  • Integrity – We will always do what is legally, ethically and morally right.


  • Honor – We will always remain faithful to our Oath of Honor, and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.


  • Courage – We will maintain the mental, moral, and physical strength to face any fear, danger, or temptation.


  • Trust – We swear to continually seek and earn the trust of those we are sworn to serve, and we place our faith in the community’s support for professional, compassionate police services.

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