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There is an option.
Don't abandon your baby.

The Vilonia Police Department

18 Bise Drive / 501-796-8170



What is Safe Haven?

In Arkansas, the Safe Haven law allows a parent to give up an infant anonymously.The purpose of Safe Haven is to prevent babies from being hurt or killed by unsafe abandonment. Unsafely abandoning a baby puts the infant in extreme danger that can result in the baby's death. It also is illegal, with severe consequences.


How does it work?

A parent who does not want an infant or who is unable to care for an infant can give up custody of a baby 30 days or younger legally and anonymously. Safe Haven allows a baby to be given up at any:

  • Hospital emergency room

  • Police station

  • Sheriff's office

  • Arkansas State Police office

When a baby is dropped off, no information is required, but a parent may share the baby's age or health status.


Will I be in trouble?

No. As long as the baby has not been abused, the parent may give it up:

  • With out fear of arrest or prosecution

  • Anonymously

The Arkansas Department of Human Services' Division of Children and Family Services will immediately take custody and place the child in a foster or pre-adoptive home where it will beloved and cared for.The division will terminate parental rights, freeing the baby for adoption.


Where do I leave my newborn?

You can take the baby to any hospital emergency room in Arkansas, any police or sheriff department or an Arkansas State Police office. The baby must be left with an employee, not at the door.


Who can drop off the baby?

The only people who can legally drop off a newborn are the parents.

For More Information

Please call 1-888-510-BABY (2229) 

or visit

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