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2020 Voter Guide, Part 5 of 5

Scroll to the end to read our coverage of the Faulkner County Sales and Use Tax Reallocation Ballot Issue

When you vote, your ballot will only show the Issue Number (if applicable), the Popular Name, and the Ballot Title.

ISSUE NO. 4 (Arkansas Citizens' Redistricting Commission Amendment), ISSUE NO. 5 (Single Ballot Primary with Top Four Candidates Advancing to General Election for Ranked Choice Voting and Instant Runoff), and ISSUE NO. 6 (An act to amend the definition of "Practice of Optometry") have all been struck from the ballot by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

We hope this series has been educational or helpful in some way as you prepare for the polls. Remember early voting begins Monday, October 19th, and runs every weekday until Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Faulkner County Sales and Use Road Tax Reallocation

In addition to the three issues for the state, this year Faulkner County residents will vote on the Reallocation of the County Sales and Use Tax. This is the 0.5% tax sales and use county tax that is currently allocated 50/50 to the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office and the Faulkner County Road Department. If passed, the tax revenue would be allocated 60% to Faulkner County Sheriff's Office (for Criminal Justice purposes), 35% to Faulkner County Road Department (no specific use restrictions), 2.5% to fund personnel and operation expenses to be used for animal control within Faulkner County, and 2.5% to fund operations necessary to continue the 9-1-1 service in Faulkner County.


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