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Help get Justin Moore to Vilonia!

The City of Vilonia is reaching out to the community in hopes of accomplishing its goal, having Justin Moore provide a benefit concert.

Amanda Norwood, Kelly Lawrence, and Kira Livingston came up with the idea to prepare for the upcoming year.

"We know Justin Moore supports his community and hometown state and we thought what a better person to come and help us with this project to ensure our baseball complex is built and completed by the expected date, which was destroyed in the 2014 tornado" said the three women.

"Our hopes are to create a video, using media provided to us by community members,to show Justin our small town USA" said Amanda Norwood.

To participate in this project, create a 1-2 minute video along with one photo inviting Justin Moore to Vilonia and showing him why you are his biggest fan. Upload the video to youtube and share on the CITY OF VILONIA's Facebook page or Twitter using #ViloniaUSA.

Pictures can be emailed to

For more information, please contact Amanda Norwood or Kira Livingston at 501-796-2534.

Questions or Comments?

Contact us at 501-796-2534


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