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Boot camp focuses on Faulkner County economic development

UCA/Vilonia Economic Development Bootcamp participants

More than 35 government and community leaders spent the day at an economic development boot camp held on Friday, May 8.

Representatives from Faulkner County government, Vilonia, Mayflower, Greenbrier, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency attended the all-day training event hosted by UCA’s Center for Community and Economic Development (CCED).

The boot camp was held free of charge as part of UCA’s continued support for tornado recovery efforts in Faulkner County.

“UCA has been actively involved in assisting Faulkner County leaders throughout the disaster recovery process,” said Amy Whitehead, CCED director. “What we are beginning to see is that there is a shift away from talking about tornado recovery and more emphasis on economic development as the driving narrative for the county. We were happy to host this training event to provide Faulkner County leaders with some additional tools to support their economic efforts.”

Boot camp attendees participated in training sessions and planning simulations presented by community and economic development experts.

“The opportunity to attend this economic development boot camp has provided a positive impact on our planning commission, Chamber members, and myself,” said Vilonia Mayor James Firestone. “We have a plan in place to rebuild Vilonia. Through the information presented here today, we have a better understanding of how to market and promote our city to attract new business and growth to our area.”

UCA’s Center for Community and Economic Development is a part of the Division of Outreach and Community Engagement. The Center’s mission is to have a positive impact on communities by equipping leaders with economic tools and resources, building consensus to achieve community goals, and bringing UCA resources and communities together.

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