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On April 27, 2014, a home was destroyed on the property that Vilonia’s What’s for Dinner now resides. Owners, Clint and Amy Tucker opened their restaurant in November 2014 in hopes of giving back to their community that lost so much months before and uniquely named their business based off a question their three girls asked every day after being picked up from school, “What’s for Dinner”?

The Tuckers are longtime residents to the area and know how important family is in the Vilonia community. The owners decided to open a restaurant because Amy loves to cook and knew that Vilonia residents needed a variety of restaurants to choose from and wanted to help create a sense of home and some jobs for residents in Vilonia.

Although the Tuckers have experienced natural disasters in the area, they have not made a plan to be more prepared in the future. They also believe the city should give more incentives to build in Vilonia to help allow future growth. The owners stated they had a lot of requirements in building and feel those requirements can discourage other business owners from building in the area.

Their future goals for this business include having more operating times at night and the owners are looking forward to expanding other businesses in the Vilonia area.

Although their one year anniversary is quite a bit away, the Tuckers will be celebrating their anniversary and plans for their celebration are in the works. What’s for Dinner offers a variety of services to the public that include food, catering, and hosting special events.

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