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🚒🥳 Get ready for the WATER PARADE!

UPDATED JUNE 13, 2023 - Added Mullins Place, Eagle Brook, and Green Valley Loop to schedule, as well as maps for each location.

We will be hitting every subdivision on Saturday, June 24, 2023, starting with Dove Creek at 1pm, and proceeding through Pheasant Kreek, Mullins Place, Simmons Place, Fredericks Place, Saddle Creek, Eagle Brook, Quail Hollow, Fox Run, Vilsonia Way, Green Valley Loop, and finishing in Parkwood Meadows.

Equip yourself with water balloons, squirt guns, garden hoses, or just show up, but don't miss out!

Water Parade June 24, 2023 Flyer


Questions or Comments?

Contact us at 501-796-2534


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