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City of Vilonia Emails Suffering Server Issues

All official City of Vilonia email addresses ( are currently having server issues. These issues are causing lost emails to and from our addresses. Therefore, if you have emailed us (at any email addresses ending in and did not receive a reply within two business days, please call the appropriate office and let us know. These issues are currently being worked on by our IT company, but we do not currently have an estimated time for the issue being resolved. We will post when updates are available.

Phone Numbers:

Sewer Department: 501-796-2533

Court Department: 501-796-2534 ext 1

Police Department: 501-796-8170

Fire Department: 501-796-3777

Parks Department: 501-796-2534 ext 7

Parks Director: 501-428-4701

Baseball Director: 501-808-4402

Softball Director: 501-808-4403

City Clerk: 501-796-2534 ext 4 (the City Clerk handles most issues concerning general City issues, including Street and Mayor)


Questions or Comments?

Contact us at 501-796-2534


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