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2021 Trunk or Treat Costume Contest!

So we're running a bit behind, but better late than never! Here are the photos from this year's Costume Contest! There weren't a lot of entries (definitely going to have bigger signs next year), but they were pretty good! Any errors in names, costume descriptions, or categories is unintentional.

Apprentice Category (6 years and under):

1st Place: Briggs as John Deere farmer

2nd Place: Nate as Bob Ross

3rd Place: Max as Stitch

Journeyman Category (7 to 12 years old):

1st Place: Connor as Sinister Clown/Evil Harlequin

2nd Place: Leena as Harlequin

3rd Place: Chloe as Corpse Bride

Master Category (13 years and up):

1st Place: Maggie as Mermaid

2nd Place: Stephanie as Morticia Addams

3rd Place: Stacee as Grandmama


Questions or Comments?

Contact us at 501-796-2534


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