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2019 Youth Softball and Baseball Season Results

June 10-14

Vilonia hosted the District 2 8U and 6U youth sports Softball tournament. With having 2 age groups and a lot of teams, the tournament was played throughout the week. All the girls fought very hard in hot temperatures, but in the end, Morrilton Glory, and Perryville Total Chaos came in first and second respectively for the 8U age group. And in 6U, Plumerville Bulldogs and Wonderview Diamond Devils came in first and second respectively. Thank you for a great tournament, and we are looking forward to another wonderful season in 2020!

June 14-15

Vilonia hosted a 2-day baseball tournament of all the Vilonia teams in each age group. There were a lot of games played in that short time, but everything worked out well and in the end there were a lot of rubber match games played to determine a victor. Congratulations to the Captains (1st) and Vikings (2nd) in 15U, Cool Breeze (1st) and Braves (2nd) in 12U, Rangers (1st) and Reds (2nd) in 10U, Firebirds (1st) and Mighty Eagles (2nd) in 8U, and D&N Construction (1st) and Bat Attitudes (2nd) in 6U. It was a great season and it looks like 2020 will be even better!

8u: Morrilton Glory (left) and Perryville Total Chaos (right)

6u: Plumerville Bulldogs (left) and Wonderview Diamond Devils (right)

15u Captains (left) and Vikings (right)

12u: Cool Breeze (left) and Vilonia Braves (right)

10u: Rangers (left) and Reds (right)

8u: Firebirds (left) and Mighty Eagles (right)

6u: D&N Construction (left) and Bat Attitude (right)

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