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City of Vilonia Employee Attends Faulkner County Leadership Institute Retreat

Amanda Norwood attended an ExCEL retreat, hosted by the Faulkner County Leadership Institute on January 8-9, 2016. ExCEL is a University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture experiential-based training and development program.

The Faulkner County Leadership team was provided with opportunities to learn new ways to deal with problems. The ExCEL program uses the outdoors to present everyday challenges in new ways to help people learn how to better overcome them. Teamwork, communication, trust, problem solving, and other common words take on real meaning in unique and memorable team challenges. The team building exercises promoted unity and communication within the entire group.

The retreat not only strengthened professional relationships through team-building but also allowed participants to have a great time. The challenge course developed by ExCEL was a perfect fix and allowed FCLI participants to be physically challenged with low-impact activities while enjoying interaction outside their daily professional careers.

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