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Vilonia Disaster Recovery Alliance (VDRA) building new office

The Vilonia Disaster Recovery Alliance (VDRA) began construction on their new building June 9, 2015. Many organizations including, local supporting churches, local businesses, City of Vilonia, and generous individual donations helped this organization to raise the funding for their new building costing approximately $85,000. They hope to operate in their new building in fall 2015, provided they receive the remaining funding needed and volunteers.

VDRA will house on one side of the building and provide continued disaster support and will be working toward disaster preparedness on the individual level and reaching into other communities. They will also begin self-help classes such as home maintenance, cooking, and budgeting. Habitat for Humanities will also have a satellite office at the location.

The other half of the building will house the Spirit of Vilonia, the sister organization of VDRA, which will include a food pantry and small thrift shop. They are planning some nutritional and food classes available to the community as well.

Some major milestones VDRA will endeavor as they move into their new building include volunteer help to assist getting the interior completed and receiving approximately $25,000 to finish the entire project.

Once moved in, VDRA’s goals for the future include starting classes in January 2016 and obtaining enough volunteers to help keep the services provided to the community operational. VDRA has begun the search to expand their board and develop teams of volunteers to help in this new adventure.

Anyone interested in volunteer work can contact VDRA at or 501-428-9228.

Questions or Comments?

Contact us at 501-796-2534


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