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New York Says Thank You Foundation Visits Vilonia

Jill Adkins and Denny Deters from the New York Says Thank You Foundation met with Marty Knight, Chairman of Rebuild Vilonia, about the potential of hosting a rebuilding effort in Vilonia near the anniversary of 9/11.

At the meeting a discussion about Rebuild Vilonia, the recent efforts to build a recovery document, next steps, and project priorities for the city. One of the top items of conversations was about building safe rooms in Vilonia. Currently the public safe rooms are in the schools, but if the schools are in session there is a risk that people would not be able to use the safe rooms.

One concept that was discussed was using a shipping container and reinforcing the door so that it could act as a public safe room. Vilonia would like to have a safe room within a 5 minute walk for every resident. Jill and Denny were invited to attend the Rebuild Vilonia meeting where projects identified through the public meetings will be prioritized.

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