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Habitat for Humanity Homes

On January 28, 2015 a ground breaking ceremony for the future homes that are being built by Habitat for Humanities on Green Valley Loop in Vilonia Arkansas was held. People, business, and organizations present at this meeting included Mayor Firestone, Vilonia Disaster Recovery Alliance (VDRA), First Security, Centennial Bank, and Habitat for Humanities, Vilonia Chamber of Commerce, Apostolic Christian World Relief volunteers, United Methodist Committee on Relief, Charlie Weaver, Channel 7 News, and other city and municipal staff.

Shenel Sandidge, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanities, welcomed everyone and stated that the homes on Green Valley loop were just the beginning of the 40 homes that are expected to be built for the recovery efforts in Vilonia.

The homes on Green Valley Loop are being built with the help of volunteers from the Apostolic Christian World Relief organization. Members of the organization stated they have had the best hospitality while in Vilonia and are blessed to of had the opportunity to help with the recovery efforts. Habitat for Humanities and VDRA plans to build a total of 40 new homes for tornado survivors that lost their homes due to the tornado that occurred on April 27, 2014.

Partners included Vilonia Disaster Recover Alliance, Apostolic Christian World Relief, Catholic Charities, United Methodist Committee on Relief, and United Way.

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