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Privilege Tax (aka Business Permit)


The City of Vilonia is dedicated to the protection and preservation of public peace, welfare, and safety. No business shall be allowed to operate that violates any of the City Ordinances, Sub-division Covenants, or Zoning Regulations. 


In accordance with the Vilonia Municipal Code (See Title 4, Section 24), every business, whether on a permanent or temporary basis, must purchase a permit for the City of Vilonia, also known as a Privilege Tax. All privilege tax permits expire on December 31st of the year they were purchased. To conduct door-to-door sales, a Door-to-Door permit must be purchased, which is valid for up to seven days. Mobile food / business vendors have specific rules and regulations, which can be referenced in Ordinance 2018-1, in the Mobile Food & Business Rules and Regulations, or in their entirety in the Municipal Code (Title 4, Section 28), all of which can be found on the Municipal Code Page. Specifically of note is that the Mobile Food / Business Permit requires payment of privilege tax and approval from the Planning Commission; renewals also require Planning Commission approval.

The Municipal Code Page contains the most recent municipal code and a selection of ordinances. If you have additional questions, please contact Vilonia City Hall at 501-796-2534.

Permit Applications are to be turned in at the City Clerk's Office in City Hall, located at 18 Bise Drive, where they are available to be picked up. They are also available for printing in the links below. For information on building permits, please go HERE.

FEES: (click link for application pdf)

Privilege Tax Fee - Expires December 31 - $50.00

Door-to-Door 1-7 CONSECUTIVE DAYS - $50.00

Mobile Food / Business Permit - Expires One Year from Approval - $250

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