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City of Vilonia Online Content Disclaimer


The internet versions of the City of Vilonia official documents (including but not limited to Municipal Code, Council Agendas, Ordinances, and Maps) are provided solely for reference and the convenience of having the materials in a readable and searchable format. The print versions, together with any amendments adopted by the Vilonia City Council subsequent to the most recent update to the print versions, remain the official versions. If any discrepancies exist between the print and web versions, the print versions, together with any City Council amendments, shall be considered correct.


Information submitted to the City of Vilonia via the internet (forms on the site, email, etc) shall be held to the same privacy and security standards as any information submitted via paper. Information submitted online in a public forum (such as blog comments) shall remain public unless or until the original author (or any individual under threat of personal harm from the information) notifies the website administrator for removal.


Please keep in mind: If you send us an email message, it will likely contain personally identifiable information such as return email and IP address, is not completely secure against interception, and, as a communication with a government agency, may be admissible under the FOIA. Please send only what information is necessary to process your request.


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