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2024 - Vilonia's Best Year Yet?

Though it is only the middle of May, 2024 has shown unprecedented growth in Vilonia. The City is excited to welcome the TEN new businesses that have made Vilonia their home this year:

  1. Pizza Hut

  2. Main Street Grooming

  3. The Gamer Zone

  4. Classic Mike's Barber Shop

  5. Malibu Café

  6. Botanicals

  7. Civil Engineering Associates

  8. Peachwave

  9. Carlson Gracie Vilonia

  10. Mel's Grooming

These businesses have chosen to place their future success in the hands of our city, our community, our people, and we cannot thank them, and those who are to follow, enough for believing in us enough to invest in our city.

As we welcome more businesses and residents into our city, we also celebrate the other growth we are fortunate enough to have underway: extending our sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety, expanding our sewer system to allow more connections, and adding Weaver Family Park and Community Pond to our recreational offerings.

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May 10

Awesome!! We are headed in the right direction!! Love my hometown!!♥️👏


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